Truffle Orders 2019

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Welcome to the Truffles Fundraiser Website

The Truffles Fundaiser is an annual event that takes place in Nelson, New Zealand. Each year many amazing volunteers give up their weekend to make truffles which are pre-sold to many people around the Nelson region. For the past 13 years, funds were distributed to orphanages and families in Moldova.  In 2017, the Truffles Team changed direction and now the profits go toward an anti-human trafficking progamme in the Philippines.  Global Impact is an organization in Davao City that creates awareness through education and outreach. 

Since it's inception 'Truffles' has raised over $80,000 for orphans and underprivileged children in Moldova and other vulnerable children in the world.  What started out as a small fundraiser is blossoming into something bigger as each year goes by/  We could not do this without the army of volunteers that spend their time organizing, rolling, packaging and distributing truffles!

How It All Started

The Truffles fundraiser came about through Wakefield woman Anne Bolton desiring to 'do something that matters'.

Anne read some articles on the work done by Missions Without Borders and decided that this was the organisation to initially support.  Moldova was chosen as it was the poorest country in Eastern Europe and in particular the orphans in Moldova. Anne was determined that this fundraiser would not take money away from other organisations such as those offering child sponsorship.
Her home group discussed various ideas for possible fundraisers, and they chose to make and sell truffles.The first fundraiser was held in 2004 and made a $4000 profit. This amount blew the team away. Since then the fundraiser has been held every year, generously supported by all our sponsors. Brightwater Community Anglican Church generously hosted the actual truffle-making event at their church hall in Brightwater for a number of years. Since 2011 the event is held in the Brightwater Town Hall. Various organisations from around the region, including churches, schools, businesses,  and community groups enthusiastically get behind the fundraiser each year when it comes around.
2017 and the Truffles fundraiser is still going strong.  Anne has been doing a wonderful job, but felt it was the right time to hand the reigns over.  She approached Bonnie Kempthorne who had done mission work for a year in Davao, Philippines with Global Impact's Freedom! Philippines Campaign.  Bonnie gladly picked up the role and has continued the Truffles annual fundraiser.  Freedom! Philippines Campaign reaches Filipinos through kids camps, misison and medical outreach, drama, school and church presentation and feeding and education programmes.  Since it's inception in 2014, Freedom! Philippines have effectively reached over 50,000 Filipinos, delivering the message on how to stay safe from Traffickers. 




What Is Involved

The fundraiser starts early in the year with a voluntary team who are assigned various roles including financial, promotional, resource.
Promotional material and order forms are sent out to local schools, churches, businesses and community groups.  Due to the nature of the fundraiser, orders need to be taken as ingredients need to be ordered and the right quantities for the truffles need to be mixed. 
Fresh Choice, Richmond, who have been amazing in their support of this fundraiser, process the truffle mix for us. It is then that the large contingent of volunteers begin their task of rolling and packaging the truffles over a two day period. We have people of all ages helping with many different tasks. These range from rolling and packing of the truffles, sorting the orders and storing in the chiller, making morning and afternoon tea, delivery of the truffles, setting and cleaning up the hall.


Perhaps you may be interested in helping. If so click here to send us a message to register your interest.